Eric has shared his design, ideas and years of experience in the TV industry with his fellow fans for about 16 years now starting from his signature portal 'Deko Bersama Eric & Casa Impian. Eric has worked with popular Cable TV provider, ASTRO (Malaysia's Pay-Per-View Satellite Television Network Station), operated by MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd and also with Media Prima, the local TV Station service provider on various programmes and projects;

In 2010 Eric Leong’s venture, 'ericleong.tv' kick started, and now in 2016, Eric's new media venture has now begin to make a formal appearence in the world wide web gradually. Ericleong.tv features a line up of ID related online TV programs that is specially designed for those people on the move and the young and vibrant new media buffs. Listed below are some of his TV contribution to the lifestyle and interior design industry;

Cable TV (Astro & Media Prima)
1. Casa Impian (Bahasa/Bi-Lingual)
Malaysia first interior make-over TV show and has been on air for 6 seasons since 2001.
2. Deko Bersama Eric (Bahasa/Bi-Lingual)
Eric’s latest Interior Design TV show, that replaced Casa Impian and has finished it's 3rd year and succesfully going into the 4th Season.
3. JOM! Bersama Eric (Bahasa/Bi-Lingual)
Malaysia’s first (One-Hour Long) Interior Design Talk show.
4. Good Luck 365 (Mandarin)
A Stylish Interior Design plus a Feng Shui Show. Eric co-hosted this programme with Ee Yang - A Taiwan celebrity Feng Shui Master.
5. Creative Home (Cantonese)
An interior design lifestyle TV show, co-hosted with Pei Pei. This is a new luxury lifestyle show targeting the high-end chinese market.
6. ID Show (Cantonese)
An Interior Design Decor Variety show, on Astro CH 304.
7. Cantik Tak? (Bahasa/Bi-Lingual)
An Interior-Detailing 30 Mins Program, on Astro Prima CH 105.

Online TV (Ericleong.TV)
1. Beautiful Space I – Phuket, Thailand 
An online tv show by Eric Leong that features not only beautiful but also inspirational spaces in different countries; this time around featuring beautiful spaces in Phuket, Thailand.
2. Beautiful Space II – Bangkok, Pattaya & Hua Hin, Thailand 
A second stint of Beautiful Space - covering Bangkok, Pattaya & Hua Hin in detailing the Boutique hotels and resorts in these business cum holiday regions in the heart of Thailand.
3. Beautiful Space III – Langkawi, Sabah & Penang, Malaysia 
A successful third of Beautiful Space - back in homeland Malaysia, covering top tourist spots; Langkawi, Sabah & Penang in unveiling our local beauty with decor and design details.
4. Decor A TO Z
Eric derives the various meanings and aspects of 'Decor & Design' in this series of episodes that is focused on the basics of design implementation.
5. Ask Eric?
Have home decor questions for Eric? Write to Eric and let Eric answer your questions on air; on screen. This is a program specially designed for those who have a dilemma in home decor.
6. Product Hunter
A new media extensions, derived from the popularity of Decor A to Z. It's simply Eric's Introduction of New & Unique Products in the Market.
7. Design News This Week ( Coming Soon )
Weekly design news updates, featuring the latest design news and happenings around the world.
8. A Designer Interview ( Coming Soon )
An indepth interview of lives and inspirations of the local and international designers, architects and artists in the industry.

Other TV Stints & Shows.
1. Celebrity Cook-out on NTV 7
Chief Judge in a fun filled cooking show that involves local celebrities.
2. A Brand New Christmas on NTV 7
Host & Designer for a Christmas Makeover in an orphanage.
3. 'Start 'A' Biz' on Astro AEC 301
Face-to-face interviews with profile executives from various industries.
4. Building A Brand on NTV 7 
An Branding Impact Interview with Eric on him becoming a BRAND regionally.


Eric has now worked with, in and together with various radio stations for about 13 years now. Having gone full swing in 2006 to 2007, Eric tuned it down in 2008 & 2009 and is now getting back into the groove in 2010 till now. A list of some of Eric's work in the past years;

Radio Networks
1. ID @ RED FM (English)
An interior design and home styling radio talk show on RED FM104.9, a bi-lingual radio station in Malaysia (2008).
2. Living With Eric @ RED FM (English)
An English home décor related topic radio talk show on RED FM104.9, a bi-lingual radio station in Malaysia (2006 - 2007).
3. Breakfast With Eric @ RED FM (English)
Morning Breakfast Home Deco Talk Show on RED FM104.9.
4. U-Stylish Living @ FM 988 (Chinese)
A Chinese lifestyle radio talk show on FM988, a premier chinese radio station that has gained more than 1.5 million followers (2006 - 2007).
5. Inspirasi Décor Bersama Eric @ Suria FM (Bahasa Malaysia)
A Bahasa Malaysia home décor related talk show on SURIA FM105.3, a new Malay radio Station in Malaysia (2006 - 2007).
6. Inspirasi Gaya Bersama Eric @ Suria FM (Bahasa Malaysia)
A Bahasa Malaysia lifestyle radio talk show on SURIA FM105.3, a new Malay radio Station in Malaysia 2007.
6. Online Radio Show with Eric (Coming Soon)
An upcoming online radio tune by Eric with his decor antics and design tips, 2010.

Other On-Air Clips & Cuts.
Catch clips and lines from Eric in many of his radio ventures; Listed below are some of his latest on-air antics; Log-on from time to time to catch the latest updates;
1. Business FM (BFM) Radio Interview - Part 1 
2. Business FM (BFM) Radio Interview - Part 2 
3. RED FM Beautiful Space II Promo 





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